Pretoria Day Spa

The best way to relax, get rid of all the tension and just forget all about the hassles of the city life, then a Pretoria day spa is just the answer that you were looking for.

Vusalela day spa is situated on the banks of the Hennops river. It’s a mere 40 minutes drive from Pretoria and Johannesburg, making it the ultimate breakaway from all that the city has to offer.

There’s a wide variety of different packages and specials that one can choose from. The packages include a number of different treatments and are available as day or night packages. We use our hands and feet everyday, that’s why all the packages also include a hand and foot massage.

A full body massage will relieve tension in all areas of the body. Our professionally trained staff will cater for all your individual needs and will make sure you feel like a new person upon return home. All our packages include breakfast, lunch and drinks for the day and there’s also the option available that the package could be a day or night package.

Sit outside in one of the outdoor swimming pools or jacuzzi and enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer, while relaxing with a glass of champagne in your hand. Vusalela has great packages and specials, so come and treat yourself for a day at the spa.

Bring a friend or family member and let us pamper you and make you feel refreshed and revitalized. Just around the corner lies Vusalela day spa, breakaway for a day or two. For more information on the Pretoria day spa, please contact Vusalela day spa.