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This Loyalty Program (“Program”) replaces and supersedes all previous Vusalela Loyalty programs and only comes in to force once Vusalela’s Terms and Conditions and the rules applicable to this Program have been accepted by the Applicant, as evidence by the Applicant’s signature.

The following process and rules shall apply to the Program:

(a)     In order to qualify for registration on the Program, You (also referred to as the Client/Applicant) must be a subscriber to the newsletter on Vusalela’s website at www.vusalela.co.za.

(b)     Clients will be requested to complete an Indemnity and Information form prior to receiving the Services at Vusalela on the day of their visit. One of the questions will be “Who referred you to Vusalela Day Spa?” If referred by You, the client will be required to enter Your name and cellphone number on the Indemnity and Information form.

(c)      Your cellphone number will be used as the reference number and You, the referor, will be credited with 10 (ten) points for every referral, provided that the client in question has attended Vusalela as a fully paying and paid up customer.

(d)     A client may only record the details for one referor (ie Loyalty Program participant) on each visit to Vusalela. Should more than one cellphone number appear in the referral section, only the first cellphone number listed will be used and only that person will be credited with the 10 (ten) loyalty points. Vusalela reserves the right to verify that the referor indicated did indeed refer You to Vusalela.

(e)     In order to qualify for a free voucher at Vusalela, You need to accumulate one hundred and 120 (one hundred and twenty) points.

(f)      Once You have accumulated at least 120 (one hundred and twenty) loyalty points, You will be advised of this by Vusalela.

(g)     The value of the voucher and thus the free package to which You will be entitled will be based on the packages chosen by the clients on the day they attended the spa and recorded Your name and cellphone number, eg. if 12 (twelve) clients attended Vusalela on the “Queen of the Day” full day package and recorded Your mobile number as referor, this will entitle You to 1 (one) free voucher on the same package. A voucher may be downgraded but not upgraded, eg. if You have 5 (five) referrals on the “Small Heaven” full day package and 7 (seven) referrals on the “Queen of the Day” full day package, You may request a “Small Heaven” full day package. Alternatively You can retain Your points until You have accumulated 120 (one hundred and twenty) points for each package.

(h)     Once a loyalty voucher has been issued, You will be advised by Vusalela and the voucher will be sent to You at Your email address as indicated by You at the top of this document. Once the voucher is issued, 120 (one hundred and twenty) points will be deducted from your total loyalty points.

(i)       Loyalty points may not be used to subsidise or make part payment of the purchase of a Vusalela package.

(j)       Loyalty points are not redeemable for cash and are not transferable to any third party.

(k)      Loyalty points will be valid for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date on which they were originally earned, whereafter those points will lapse and be forfeited.

(l)       All vouchers, whether electronic or in paper form, once issued are valid for a period of 3 (three) months from date of issue. Vouchers which are not redeemed within 3 (three) months from date of issue will expire.

(m)   By applying for this Program, as evidenced by Your signature, You acknowledge that You have read Vusalela’s Standard Terms and Conditions as detailed on Vusalela’s website at www.vusalela.co.za and that You accept and agree to be bound by those terms and conditions as well as the rules of the Loyalty Program as set out above.